When can I register for tickets?

. You can sign-up for VIP or FREE entry now: the button’s up-top.

I’ve got my ticket but don’t know how to join the sessions?

You will have received joining instructions via your email Order Confirmation. If you haven’t received, please check your SPAM for an email from [email protected]. We have details also available via this link.

Can I share the Zoom meeting details with friends and colleagues?

No. Your access to the sessions is controlled via the email you used to register for the conference. To access the conference friends and colleagues will need to register here.

Is it worth booking as a VIP?

100%. This is a great package; you deserve the best and we don’t wish to stand in your way.

As a VIP you’ll have access to speakers, video content AND you get a complimentary Longevity 2020 T-shirt (worth $35).

  1. Access to all 5 days of presentation sessions

  2. Participation in ‘Ask Me Anything’ (after-party) session with key speakers

  3. Celebratory Longevity 2020 T-shirt (included in this package worth $35)

  4. Complimentary access to 2 follow-on reunion events

  5. Password access to video recordings of all sessions

Will the session be recorded?

Yes, the conference will be recorded and we’ll be uploading edits to Longevity.Technology in the days following the sessions. Only VIP ticket holders will be able to access these recordings, although a few select videos will be made publicly available.

What’s free and what’s not free?

With the FREE package you’ll have access to all 5 days of presentation sessions but you won’t have access to the additional 5 parts of the VIP package.

I have some thoughts on content, how do I share?

Yes. We have 2 events already in the pipeline. These are being called ‘reunion events’. The first will probably be on the biomarkers of aging, the second is (if you’ll bear with us) something really exciting and a world-first for Longevity. More later.

I have some thoughts on content, how do I share?

You can let us have your content ideas by emailing [email protected]

Who are you guys?

if you haven’t heard about our work, please check us out. We’re growing fast, so is the Longevity sector..