Rehabilitation Centers in Arizona

Wolf Creek Recovery is one of the leading rehabilitation centers in Arizona, with hundreds of positive reviews and a dedicated staff team. We offer the best medical detox, psychotherapy, and counseling programs in a state-of-the-art treatment center, helping individuals battling substance abuse disorders attain lasting sobriety.

How can medical detox help in recovery?

Medical detox involves cleansing the body of drug and alcohol-related toxins using specific medications. The procedure aims to reduce the intensity of the withdrawal symptoms and improve your chances of getting sober.

Medical detoxification marks the first stage of the recovery process and can alleviate a lot of the pain and discomfort in your journey towards sobriety. As one of the pioneer rehabilitation centers in Arizona, we offer customized detox treatment with 24/7 medical care.

Benefits of family therapy in addiction treatment

Family therapy is a form of psychotherapy that helps resolve issues with family members and maladaptive transgenerational patterns. Several recovering addicts suffer from resentments, misunderstandings, and estrangement. Our therapists restore balance in relationships using family therapy, helping those involved bond and overcome their issues to pursue common goals. Some of the benefits of family therapy in addiction recovery include:

  1. Family therapy includes one-on-one counselingproviding an opportunityto recovering addicts and their family members to share their experiences and feelings.
  2. Our professionals can help family members improve their communication, mend trust issues, and promote healing and growth.
  3. Recovering addicts can return to a more loving and stable environment after addiction treatment as family therapy builds closer relationships and resolves lingering conflicts.

Family therapy is the crux of our recovery program, and it goes a long way in harnessing our recovering addicts’ commitment to sobriety in the long term. We use a systemic and strategic family therapy approach to restructure dynamics and strengthen familial bonds.

Why we’re one of the best rehabs in Arizona?

We are a renowned rehabilitation facility in AZ for alcohol and drug abuse disorders. Here’s what makes us the best addiction treatment center in Prescott:

  • High success rate – Over 90% of our recovering addicts complete their treatment successfully and maintain sobriety in the long term. We have the lowest dropout and relapse rates.
  • Evidence-based therapies – We offer science-based psychotherapies like cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, EMDR, motivational interviewing, etc., to help clients overcome trauma and correct or control their mental health problems. Psychotherapies also help patients learn critical coping skills to tackle cravings and stressful situations once returning home from treatment.
  • Extended care programs – The only way to safeguard your sobriety in the long term is to sign up for ongoing care programs after you complete rehab treatment. We offer excellent aftercare programs in Arizona at affordable prices and strengthen our clients’ commitment to sobriety after addiction treatment.

Call Wolf Creek Recovery at (928) 227-8887 to verify your insurance with us. We are one of the best rehabilitation centers in Arizona, with high success and low relapse rates. Our evidence-based therapies and integrative treatment approach make us one of the highly sought-after addiction treatment facilities. Begin your recovery journey with us today.

Rehabilitation Centers in Arizona

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