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Rejuvenation therapies

Phil Newman

Editor-In-Chief, Longevity.Technology

Review of Day 1 in the context of rejuvenation therapies and introductions.

Jamie Metzl

Author, Technology Futurist

Scene-setter and session introduction

Aubrey de Grey

Founder and CEO, SENS Foundation

The divide-and-conquer nature of rejuvenation can be an asset, not a challenge

Nir Barzilai

Director, Institute for Aging Research

How do we show in humans that a drug targets aging?

Ilaria Bellantuono

Professor in Musculoskeletal Ageing, Co-Director, The Healthy Lifespan Institute, Department of Oncology and Metabolism

Geroprotectors: time to change the way we treat older people?

Gary Hudson

Executive Chairman, Oisín Biotechnologies

Removal of senescent cells to extend healthspan & lifespan


Co-founder and CEO Repair Biotechnologies & Fight Aging!

The undeveloped hinterland of rejuvenation

Nina Khera

Co-Founder, Biotein

Group discussion with various Day 2 speakers

Nina Khera

Co-Founder, Biotein

Finding novel therapies for zombie cells using Artificial Intelligence

Michael D West

Chief Executive Officer, AgeX Therapeutics

Supercentenarians – reprogramming cells (TBC)

Joan Mannick

Chief Medical Officer, resTORbio

The use of TORC1 inhibitors to improve immune function in the elderly

Vadim Gladyshev

Professor of Medicine and Director, Center for Redox Medicine, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, USA

From Longevity signatures to Longevity interventions

João Pedro de Magalhães

Senior Lecturer, University of Liverpool

Anti-aging biotech: past, present and future

Bryant Villeponteau

Chairman and Chief Scientific Officer, Centagen, Inc.

Rejuvenated stem cells to reverse aging

Jamie Metzl

Author, Technology Futurist

Review of content and group discussion

Phil Newman

Editor-In-Chief, Longevity.Technology

Ben Hoffman

Longevity Expert Author

Longevity Supplementation best practicies, NAD+ precurcors including NMN