Confirmed speakers include: Jim Mellon : George Church : Lynne Cox : Nir Barzilai : Aubrey de Grey : Vadim Gladyshev : Joan Mannick : Dmitry Kaminskiy : Richard Siow : Steve Horvath : Gary Hudson : Michael Hufford : Michael Fossel : Liz Parrish : Reason : Brian M. Delaney : Kate Batz : Ilaria Bellantuono : Tina Woods : Margaretta Colangelo : Michael West …

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5 days.

2.5hrs of sessions each day.

2 coffee breaks each day.


5pm EU: 4pm UK: 11am EDT: 8am PST

Monday 27 April

Defining biological aging

Addressing the need for candidate definitions from different, biological, clinical, logical and computational angles to adopt a consensus definition for biological aging …

Tuesday 28 April

Rejuvenation therapies

What’s the latest in: senolytics, gene editing, immunotherapy,  mitochondrial restoration, indication expansion, neutraceuticals, peptides, stem cells …

Wednesday 29 April

AI and Longevity

How is AI accelerating Longevity and where: molecule identification, pre-clinical validation, digital health, lifestyle interventions, finance …

Thursday 30 April

Longevity investing

It’s all about growing the investment category: risk management, going public, investment platforms, emerging tech:  3D bio-printing, neuroceuticals, organ growth, agetech …

Friday 01 May

Longevity: start now

What can you be doing to address your Longevity now: supplements, metformin, mTOR, NAD+, rapamycin, biohacking, fasting, biomarker tracking, monitoring apps …



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